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We offer a wide range of solar energy solutions for  homes and businesses. From solar panels and inverters to expert installation and ongoing maintenance, we can help you switch to clean, sustainable, renewable energy and start saving on your electricity bills.

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Complete solar power Kits

Our solar kits are designed to provide a hassle free transition to solar power. From panels to inverters and batteries, our kits provide a complete package for residential or commercial needs. take control of your power consumption today

Solar Street & Flood lights

Light up large areas with our solar flood lights, offering high intensity lighting without the need for traditional power sources. It is perfect for security, events or showcasing your property. Choose sustainability without compromising on brightness and reliability

Solar Powered appliances

Elevate your lifestyle with solar powered appliances: our innovative range of solar powered appliances combines cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly solutions. From efficient refrigerators to water heaters,TVs and fans, experience a sustainanble energy

Portable Power stations

Power on the go with portable stations. perfect for camping, outdoor adventures or reliable backups during outages. they're compact, lightweight and equipped with solar charging capabilities. Enjoy reliable power anywhere any time, full time connectivity

Solar System Installation

Electrical Installation & Repair

Appliance & Equipment sales

Buying Options

70% Down payment + 6 Weeks Installment

  • Description : Deposit 70% and enjoy the product immediately and pay the remaining 30% in installments over the next period of 6 weeks
  • Details:
    • Initial Payment: 70%
    • Balance: 30% (Divided into equal installments over 6 weeks)
  • Benefits:
    • immediate product access with a manageable payment plan.

Deposit + Delivery + 6 Weeks

  • Description : Secure your item by depositing up to 70% of its price. we’ll deliver it and you can pay the remaining 30% over the next 6 weeks
  • Details:
    • Deposit up to 70%
    • Immediate delivery of the product on completion of the 70%
    • Balance: 30% (Divided into equal installments over 6 weeks)
  • Benefits:
    • Reserve you product, receive it promptly and pay the balance in installments

Full Payment with a 5% Discount

  • Description : Make a full payment upfront and enjoy a 5% discount on the total price 
  • Details:
    • Payment: 100% Upfront
    • Receive a 5% Discount
  • Benefits:
    • Maximum savings with a one-time payment
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